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LLovebeads for The Olympics!

Introducing an exciting collaborative of
Beauty and Power

LLovebeads x Elise Stelling Jewelry

gold snowflake copy.png

Everyone who makes a first-time

Donation of $350 or more

to Support Lila’s Ski Racing Journey will receive a beautiful,

exquisite, one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-replicated, blessed necklace of

semi-precious power stones adorned with fine silver hearts or sterling snowflakes.


Made with LLove by renowned

artisan jeweler, Elise Stelling, of Sun Valley, Idaho.

Believe in Your Dream!

These beautiful creations are hand-crafted with semi-precious gems

and adorned with either a sterling silver snowflake or Elise's signature

hand-made and kiln-fired fine silver heart—blessed and pressed with Idaho sage.


LLovebeads come to life one precious bead at a time to

illuminate your magic - just as Lila’s World Cup and Olympic dreams come true

one turn, one ski race...and one win! a time.

gold snowflake copy.png

The Salaam Project


​ It’s about Peace, Prints and Personality at Salaam!


Please treat yourself to beautiful and versatile clothing and a journey of color and style,

by using my discount code: LILA

Via trunk shows and my exclusive discount code, Salaam and the wonderful people who work there have been supporting me for my entire career.

Salaam takes pride in their mission in designing beautiful, comfortable, easy to care for clothing that flatters all body types. Their garments are ones that you can work, play, travel or party in, and they have something to suit any style with prints as diverse as each unique personality.  This women-owned and run company is committed to delivering the most stylish prints in the highest quality European fabrics...made in the U.S.A!

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